Antelope Valley

Where is Antelope Valley?

The Antelope Valley (AV) is the most northern part of LA County, separated from the rest of the County by over 30 miles of high desert. The first peoples in the region include the Kawaiisu, Kitanemuk, Serrano, and Tataviam, and is now home to nearly half a million residents, with large African American and Latinx populations. The two major cities are Lancaster and Palmdale, but the AV is home to several unincorporated communities as well.

It’s also been home to a variety of cultures, plants, and animals for 11,000 years, and got its name from the history of pronghorns grazing in large numbers for much of its history. From Judy Garland to Paul George, the AV California Poppy Reserve to the Antelope Valley Symphony Orchestra, these are few of the many jewels that have come from and can be found here. 

Despite the beauty of our community, because it is separated from the rest of the county by over 30 miles, the AV has historically been isolated from social movements and even basic social services available to the rest of the county.

By the Numbers

$27 million

The city of Lancaster pays $27 million annually to the LASD.

$39 million

Palmdale has a Public Safety budget of $39 million.

3 of 7

Lancaster is the home to the only state prison in Los Angeles County, as well as 3 of the County’s 7 jails.