Who we are

Our Story

We are a coalition of community organizations and leaders from the Antelope Valley calling for the end of law enforcement violence and racism in our communities. We’re calling on our cities and our schools to cancel the contracts with the LA Sheriff’s Department and reinvest those dollars in a new vision of community safety and meaningful services for our students and the community.

Antelope Valley protest

Cancel the Contract AV Coalition Organizational Partners

Highway 14, Our Revolution Antelope Valley Chapter, Dolores Huerta Foundation for Community Organizing, Alliance for Black Student Equity, Justice for Michael Thomas, ACLU Antelope Valley Chapter, Comeunity for Change Coalition, The Fuller Initiative, Timelist Group, Paving The Way Foundation, No Cops in Antelope Valley Schools.

Cancel the Contract AV Coalition Steering Committee

Waunette Cullors, The Wow Flower Project, Campaign Co-Chair. Beth Cayetano, District Teacher, Alliance for BlackStudent Equity, Campaign Co-Chair.

Christian Green, Campaign Coordinator

Steering Committee Members: Arthur Calloway II, Cortez Chandler, Raquel Derfler, Janie Hodge


Reform LA Jails

Reform L.A. Jails represents a coalition of citizens, community leaders, businesses, and organizations fighting to permanently reduce the population of people cycling in and out of jail. That starts with recognizing how mental health, drug dependency, or chronic homelessness issues are exacerbated by incarceration. This committee passed the historic 2020 ballot initiative Measure R in Los Angeles County which grants the Sheriff’s Department Civilian Oversight Commission subpoena power to investigate law enforcement misconduct. In March 2020, Reform LA Jails launched the JusticeLA COVID-19 Response team which is suing the LA County Sheriff’s Department and County officials to save lives from the coronavirus in LA County jails.

Join our Partner Network

We are looking for dedicated leaders, organizers, and community members on the ground to fight alongside us.

Our Partner Network will be intergenerational, Black and Brown-led and reflective of the communities being served. Join us as we create true public safety for our communities.