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Antelope Valley Union High School District has failed to account for nearly $7 million in funds earmarked for low-income students, English-language learners, and foster youth.

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Here’s Our Action Plan:

FIRST: We come together to cancel the Antelope Valley Union High School District and city-wide contracts with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department in Palmdale and Lancaster.

THEN: We create a new vision of public safety with the millions of dollars of taxpayer money no longer going to a violent police force. We reinvest our dollars into schools without police officers and full of trained counselors, 911 operators dispatching unarmed mental-health experts, and addressing the backlog for public housing repairs. And so much more!

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Here’s Our Demands:

  1. Cancel all Antelope Valley School Districts contracts with the LA County Sheriff’s Department.
  2. Comply with the 2015 AV Settlement Agreement and open an investigation into the historical and ongoing law enforcement violence and white supremacist activities in the Antelope Valley.
  3. Hold sheriff deputies accountable who murder and harass community members #SayTheirNamesAV.
  4. Cancel the Palmdale and Lancaster contracts with the LA County Sheriff’s Department.
  5. Implement a new vision for Community Safety.

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The Cancel The Contract Coalition consisting of community partners in the Antelope Valley are looking to reimagine school safety and school based law enforcement in 2021.

Cancel the Contract

We are calling on the cities of Lancaster and Palmdale to cancel their contracts with the Sheriff. Learn more here.

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Cancel the Sheriff's Contract is a community-led campaign, powered by Reform LA Jails. Meet our partners here.

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